The new ”L Word” is Lipstick ♥

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Hello everyone and welcome to my  BLOG.♥

I am not a makeup artist but I love makeup, I am not a activist but I fight for equal rights, I am not a comedian but I love laughing, I am not a musician but I listen to a lot of music…. I LOVE THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE LIFE BETTER, FOR ME AND EVERYONE ELSE.

The topics of my blog will be:

Chicks, Lipsticks and makeup in general, food, human rights, the LGBT community, things I find funny, Music, Tv-series and much more…


Because I Like CHICKS and I like LIPSTICKS.  And I couldn’t find a better name after thinking of all the things I like (my second option would have been ”Malibu and Coke” but that doesn’t sound very classy, does it? Anyway at some point I will tell you about my knowledge about alcohol too)

 Also I have a new youtube account so I would really love it if you went to check it out!


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